Parents and carers consultation 2018

Each year we conduct a survey in order to gain feedback from our parents and carers. This gives you an opportunity to let us know how we are doing, and ensures your input into the process of school development.  Your views matter very much to us and they have a real impact.

This year, the questionnaire is more important than ever as we plan for the next five years.  On the training day at the start of this term staff, governors, trustees and other people with an interest in the school came together to create a big picture of what we would love the school to be in five years’ time.  We tried to think without barriers, about what was ideal rather than be held back by our perceptions of what was possible.

On the first day of term, all the children took part in a similar exercise, and came up with a cascade of funny, outrageous and brilliant ideas.

Now we have received a large number of responses from you the parents and carers.  This information is being considered along with the views of the children and the staff.  Our aim is to identify common threads, then to evaluate those which are workable and those which need further investigation. Finally we will shape everything into a draft plan which we will communicate to you.

Watch this space!