Caterpillar Watch

Caterpillars spotted in our school!

This Spring caterpillars have set up home in Year 2, and will soon be arriving in Early Years too.

The Year 2 caterpillars have eaten so much that they grew quickly, and we have been watching them turn into chrysalides.  Look at the life cycle stages below to see what will happen next!

Year 2 Caterpillar Diary

Our caterpillars arrived and were soon eating and growing very happily. They were so busy eating that they doubled in size over the first weekend!

Just arrived.

They were quite small...

until a weekend of eating!

Forming chrysalides...

Still chrysalides, for now....

..until...beautiful butterflies!

Did you know that Painted Lady butterflies don’t usually overwinter in the UK.  The butterflies fly to North Africa to find warmer weather, and make the long trip back again in Spring!