Chicken Watch

Keep up to date with our chicken news!

Eggs-citingly we have some new chickens that have been generously brought into school by Mrs Crovetto. The three friendly girls (Edna, Pearl and Delilah) have settled in well.  They are clearly very happy as they are laying lots of eggs.

Hatching chicks

Last Spring we truly experienced life in all its fullness, with the arrival of some eggs and a chicken brooder in the EYFS classrooms. After incubating for 21 days four of the eggs started breaking open, and some beautiful little chicks emerged.

The chicks ate and grew, and finally turned into grown up chickens. In the summer holidays they went off to new homes but hopefully remember their happy school days!

Chicken Information

We saw up close the most exciting part of the chicken life cycle at school last Spring. The whole life cycle is shown here, and you can investigate more information about chickens by clicking the blue buttons.