Chicken Watch

This Spring we have truly been experiencing life in all its fullness, with the arrival of some eggs and a chicken brooder in the EYFS classrooms. After incubating for 21 days four of the eggs started breaking open, and some beautiful little chicks emerged.

The chicks spent some time in Mr Heal’s office and were visited by lots of the children.  Over the Easter break they ate and grew, and now are much bigger and starting to look like grown up chickens!

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Our chickens have changed a lot since they arrived as eggs.  After a few weeks under an electric brooder the chicks were ready for a new adventure – the outdoors life. The girls are now in their new coop on the school field! They have settled in well and will keep growing and maturing, and in a few weeks we may even start to get some eggs!

We have been experiencing the most exciting part of the chicken life cycle at school this Spring.

On this page we’ll be adding more updates as the chickens get bigger, and you can investigate more information about chickens by clicking the blue buttons.