Dyslexia Friendly Schools Project

Excitingly, our primary school has been accepted to take part in the Dyslexia Friendly School Project, one of only 18 schools across Wiltshire  that have been chosen to take part.

Over the next 2 years we will be working hard to raise awareness, celebrate all of the things that we already do well in school to support our dyslexic learners and also hopefully introduce some new initiatives too, working towards being recognised as a Dyslexia Friendly School!

On this page are a collection of useful resources and information.  If you require any further help or information please use the contact form on our SEND page to get in touch with our SENDCo Laura Phillips.

Dyslexia Mind Map

Dyslexia Information

Enjoying Reading with Dyslexia

This guide has some suggestions for books you might like to try.

Click on the button below  to view a video by the global charity ‘Made by Dyslexia’.  The campaign is led by successful dyslexics, with the aim of  helping the world to understand, value and support dyslexia.