Peas in The Pod (Before & After School Child Care)

If you have any questions, please email us on:

Before school sessions run from 7.45am – 8.45am and cost £5.65 including a choice of breakfast.

After school sessions are flexible but run up to 6.00pm and will include a snack if staying until 4.30pm, and a light tea for those staying beyond 4.30pm.

Session costs are:

3.15pm-4.30pm: £6.75

4.30pm – 6.00pm: £7.75

3.15pm – 6.00pm: £14.50

Places MUST be pre-booked by Friday of the preceding week, because places are limited and we would not wish to disappoint anyone. However, by all means email to enquire if there are any spare places.

We aim to ensure our childcare provision is relaxed and fun, however the usual school rules still apply! We offer indoor and outdoor activities (weather permitting) with a wide variety of activity choices and the opportunity for children to socialise with others in  different year groups. Sessions are open to all children and will provide a smooth transition between before and after school care, and the school day.