The Giving Machine

The Giving Machine is simple to use and a great source of revenue. Some of the basics are outlined below.

What is The Giving Machine?
A not for profit enterprise helping UK charities and schools benefit from a source of FREE cash donations…..what’s not to love?

Can anyone join?
Any registered charities.

How does it work?
Money is raised by Givers who have signed up on The Giving Machine website to support a particular charity. Signing up is very simple (name, email and postcode) and no more difficult than setting up Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts. Each time a Giver shops, a free cash donation is generated for our charity, The Friends of Malmesbury Primary School.

How can the donations be free?
Each retailer offers commission on the purchases made by the Giver. The Giving Machine converts 75% of the commission into cash donations for the school and 25% to cover operating costs. The money comes from the retailers not any extra charges on your purchases.

Which retailers?
Lots of household names including Amazon, Argos, John Lewis, Majestic, Toys R Us to name just a few. You don’t need to spend any more money than you planned when you decide to shop on line but the school will benefit if you decide to use The Giving Machine.

The key thing for The Friends is that we raised £531.16 last year from 10 core users (versus £182.74 in 2013/14); we could do so much more with more frequent users. £241.42 was raised in the 3 months leading to Christmas 2014, we can aim much higher this year with more core users.

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