School late opening 10.30am tomorrow, Tuesday 12th December

Dear Parents and Carers

You may be aware that very low temperatures are forecast for tomorrow morning,  currently -8C at 8am, rising to -5C by 9am.
By hometime this afternoon the approach to the school was already extremely slippery, with a lot of slush beginning to freeze.  This is despite a very large amount of salt having been spread today.
In light of this, school will not open until 10:30 am tomorrow.  This will allow us time to spread more salt before the children arrive.  It will also mean that the children will not be walking to school at peak traffic times and that staff, many of whom live some distance away from the school, will be able to travel after the main rush.  When you do arrive at school, please take extreme care as you walk in.  Please do not make any journeys which you feel are dangerous.
We expect that children will stay inside the school building at break times tomorrow, because the playgrounds are very slippery.

This decision also means that we will not be able to run Breakfast Club or Gym Club tomorrow. The After School Club will again be cancelled, because temperatures are forecast to fall away below zero from 4pm and there is likely to still be a lot of ice.

The position will be reassessed early tomorrow morning.  It is possible that the school will have to remain closed all day, but we will avoid this if at all possible.  If it is necessary, then we will inform you at the earliest opportunity.

Please be assured that this decision is not taken lightly.  I know that it will be very inconvenient for people with work committments so I have tried to avoid taking this action.  However, the safety of staff and pupils has to be the first priority.  The forecast from tomorrow onwards is encouraging, and I hope that the ice will be a distant memory by Wednesday.

Yours sincerely

Steve Heal

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