Edmodo and Home Education

Whilst the children are off, either self-isolating or due to school closure, we feel it is vitally important that the children still access education whilst at home.  For this reason, we have been very busy creating a virtual learning environment for the children on Edmodo.

Here, the children will be able access presentations, worksheets, and work set by their teacher every day.  We will endeavour to give children a balance of tasks that follows the school curriculum and is accessible to them all.

Children can access Edmodo in two ways: either via the app  or by going to Edmodo using your internet browser.  Links for both ways are below.

How to get Edmodo on your device

The Edmodo App is available for both android through Google Play or on Apple devices through iTunes.  You can download the App by clicking the buttons to the right.

Get to Edmodo on a PC via the internet

Alternatively, Edmodo can be accessed on any PC via most browsers.  Click the button to the right.


All children will be bringing home with them login details so that they are able to access Edmodo.

The children do not need an email address to login and should not enter one.

Once the children have accessed the platform, they will see a task that they are able to complete.  Some children will need support in using the app and at the lowest end of the school, parents will need to direct the children in the work that they have been set.

We will try not to use sheets that have to printed off the computer as much as possible.  Children should use the books they have brought home from school for most of the work.

Each day children will receive a range of tasks which will replicate a school day:


Mental arithmetic
Some topic work
They will also be expected to read for 15 minutes each day.


Times tables linked to TTrockstars
Spelling practise and grammar work
Some topic work
They will also be expected to read for 20 to 30 minutes a day.

As children should read every day, we are looking at ways in which all children can access books.

When children have finished a piece of work, they can submit it to the teacher.  The easiest way to do this is to take a photo and upload it.  Alternatively, if it’s been done on the computer upload the file.  The child can also comment on the work or message a teacher if they are finding something particularly hard. The teacher can then give feedback to what they have done, however if staff are ill this may not be possible.

Please support your child in doing what they can at home.

Edmodo is the platform through which we will be setting work for the children over the coming weeks.  Please look there first for activities to complete.

However,  to help you and your child during this difficult time, we have also put together a list of useful websites for home learning. Click on the button below to find out more.